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A R T   alphabetic by work's Name

Legend:   Name, Series [if any]
Series Group
                  "descriptive name"
                  (alternate listings)

(Learned Professor with Hanging
Chili Peppers, 6 People)
Pilchuk Fish
(John Lennon, LIFE) Proof Sheet: Mother Theresa
Life in the Seas Sacred Oil Container
(The Living Sea, LIFE) Saint Charles Chapel Carroll College
(Love, LIFE) Saints Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church
  LIFE Series Six People
The Awakening      John Lennon      Learned Professor with Hanging Chili Peppers
"bamboo etching"      The Living Sea      Movie Star with Yellow Flowers
Chardin Rondels:      Love      My Friend Joe
     Black, Blue, Green, Orange,      Mother and Child      Patriotic Woman with Floor Lamp
     Red, Violet, White, Yellow      Never Again      Self-Portrait
Creation      Peace      Young Man with Fork and Bird
"Dan Hillen" Self-Portrait      The Pengins Scale Model, Utitled
Dominos Vobiscum fountain      The Tropical Rain Forest (Self-Portrait, 6 People)
(Earth, Weaving)      Vietnam ((Tears) Lacrimosa,)
Family Coats of Arms      We Hold These Truths Three Circular Works
     ("bamboo, flowers, turtle" etchings)
(Fire, Weaving)      When Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling Transparent Symphony
First Special Service Force      Where do we go from here (The Tropical Rain Forest, LIFE)
"flowers etching" "Mary & Joseph" "turtle etching"
Focus (Mother and Child, LIFE) (Vietnam, LIFE)
Glass Studies / Works in Progress (Mother Theresa, Proof Sheet:) Wall Tapestry
The Greater and Lesser Lights (Movie Star with Yellow Flowers, 6 People) (Water, Weaving)
Holiday Tree Sculptures (My Friend Joe, 6 People) We Are Not Alone
Holy Cross Cemetery Nautical Shields The Weaving: Earth, Fire, Water
Hymn of the Universe      Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow (We Hold These Truths, LIFE)
Impressions of J.S. Bach (Never Again, LIFE) What Eating M&Ms Leads to
It Must have been a Beautiful Garden
     "John Lennon, sage / Yellow Submarine"
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church (When Irish Eyes Aren't Smiling, LIFE)
"Joseph & Mary" (Patriotic Woman with Floor Lamp, 6 People) (Where do we go from here, LIFE)
Lacrimosa (Tears) (Peace, LIFE) Works in Progress / Glass Studies
Lady of Guadalupe (The Pengins, LIFE) (Young Man with Fork and Bird, 6 People)