26 Oct. 43 - 20 Aug. 03

Daniel Peter Hillen was an accomplished
stained glass artist, whose art
can be found throughout the world.
He was a professor of fine arts
at Carroll College in Helena, Montana
for 28 years and was a Roman Catholic priest.

His work covers all techniques of stained glass
(etching, sandblasting, slumping, glass sculpture,
painting on glass, mosaics, glass blowing,
leaded, copper foil, repair and restoration)
in styles from traditional to contemporary,
from realistic, to abstract, to nonobjective art.

He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree
in 1975 from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design
and his Masters of Fine Arts in 1979 from the
University of
Montana in Missoula Montana. He also studied at the
Pilchuk School of Glass Design in 1982.

He received numerous awards throughout his career,
including the distinguished Academic Achievement Award in 1993
and the Honored Scholar in Art in 2000 from his college in Montana.
His work and life's story were featured in the
1991 Fall issue of Stained Glass.
He was an active member of the Stained Glass Association of America.
In 1992 he received a National Endowment Grant to train
his apprentice in glass painting and restoration.

Aside from his original work, he restored
numerous historical turn-of-the-century panels of glass,
including an original Tiffany window located in Helena, Montana.
He also worked in wood, fiber, plastic, metal, graphic design,
and was an accomplished photographer. He was involved
with liturgical and ecclesiastical art both as designer and fabricator.

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